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Why Buy Gold?

El Dorado Discount Gold was founded in 1999 to educate the public about the excesses of Wall Street, U.S. deficits, and the Fed's fiscal policies that are driving our great country towards financial ruin. Our mission is to help individuals protect their personal wealth and insulate their families from the troubles ahead through gold ownership. The past decade has proven our wisdom and foresight as gold prices have exploded and Wall Street has imploded from corruption. The company was relocated to Florida in 2007. El Dorado is managed by Steve Forehand, a 24-year veteran of the rare coin industry.

Should you buy Physical Gold or Gold Shares? Consider that gold shares may be "physically backed", however ordinary investors can't redeem their bullion. Only authorized participants such as broker-dealers can create or redeem shares. Regular shareholders have no rights of redemption and the gold is not required to be insured by the Trust, which is not liable for loss, damage, theft, nor fraud. Shares are traded in the open market by authorized dealers, so investors cannot "time" benefical markets and retail investors doesn't actually "own" gold, but an asset that is backed by gold and represents a certain quantity of gold. Aditionally, if your reason for purchaing metals is for security, than why would you want a piece of paper that represents metal rather than physical metal? If you want security and control, then the answer is simple - always buy physical gold.

Why own Physical Precious Metals? The answer is different for every person, but here are the top three reasons to purchase Gold and Silver:

First, it is the ultimate hedge against the declining U.S Dollar and all currencies. There simply is no other asset class that has proven to be its equal over time for hedging against devalued currencies. As the U.S. Dollar (Federal Reserve Note) declined from 100 cents in 1913 down to today's adjusted value of just over 4 cents, gold has risen about 530% from it's 1913 price of $20.34 per Oz. Much of that gain has taken place in the last 10 years due to the Federal Reserve's aggressive simulative monetary policy and soaring deficits.

Second, it serves as the best international "Safe Haven" for risk management and mitigation. Gold is an asset whose value does not depend on any government's promise to repay and is therefore universally valued and accepted. Throughout history, precious metals have held rock-solid in times of hyper-inflation, burst Wall Street bubble markets, geo-political turmoil, and global uncertainty. Ask yourself this simple question - If you had to protect your family today from a major economic, political, banking, or even religious crisis, would you rather have fiat U.S. Dollars or physical Gold in your pocket? For over 3000 years, Gold has been real Money.

Third, precious metal values are expected to continue rising. Most experts agree that precious metals will continue rising for many reasons. Some cite a supply and demand equation that shows that the majority of easily mineable metals have already been extracted and future mining efforts require more costly methods. Others see growth in global demand from fast-developing economies such as China and India as a prime factor to push pricing levels higher.

Asia's Middle Class growth is stunning - It is expected to grow to 1.75 billion by 2020.